Image information

All photographs have been taken with a D-SLR camera. The equipment has been specifically  chosen to allow for unbiased movement on the mountains- weight is a significant issue when walking long distances.

Image quality is approximately 4256x2832 pixels, with file size ranging between 3 and 10 MB. The quantity of the available photographs is large, so as to offer hikers a clear impression of possible destinations, while also giving a broad range of choices to members of the press wishing to illustrate relevant pieces.

All featured landscapes have been explored on foot. None of the images have been taken trough car windows; we refuse to drive vehicles on mountains and sites of ecological significance as a matter of principle. Many of the photos depict the routes, which we have followed and are described in the mountain guide, but we also offer pictures of other peaks and mountain ranges that are visible in the distance.

More material is uploaded regularly. For more information or clarifications regarding the available photographs, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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