Biking from Kiato to Lake Stymphalia

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Kiato - Lake Stymfalia - Lafka village

The route from Kiato to lake Stymfalia is quite tedious and is recommended for trained cyclists. We start from the center of Kiato towards the village of Souli. The route goes uphill and only two parts are briefly downhill. However, the gradient is not very large and for the most part is unchanged.


Arriving at Souli we need to follow the sign to Lake Stymfalia and ascend until we reach the plain. At the end of the road we turn left and soon we reach the plain of Pellini. Straight and to the right we see the characteristic rock of Frygani and to the right the peak of Markoutsa (1.338m..). Then we reach the village Kefalari. This is where starts the hiking trail for the tops of Little Ziria. Also for the fans of mountain biking there is a a forest road which reaches the villages Manna and Trikala. The highest peak of Little Ziria reaches 2.100m. and usually by the end of December until the spring is covered with snow. Then the route goes across the villages Kaliani and Stymfalia. In the second village start the lake with the same name and where there is an archaeological site. In the years that there is drought, the lake is greatly reduced so that visitors wonder of its existence, but in the spring time when the snow melts from the mountains the water floods the surrounding fields. From Pelini plain to Karteri village the route is mild. At Karteri we turn left for the village Lafka. From this village starts the hiking trail to the top of Oligyrtos (1.935m.) and there are two forest dirt roads that lead us to the back side of the mountain to the village of Skotini. The route until here measures 45 kilometers and we can either return from the same route, or make it around the lake along the road that starts from the village of Lafka and leads to Kaliani village on the other side.

The length of the route with return is 90km. and the timing of this depends on our physical condition and attitudes. In winter the area after the village of Souli is very cold, and the road near the lake often freezes. It is good before the bike expedition to check the weather forecast.


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